Alan KulwickiI consider myself as one of the luckiest guys in the world to have been blessed with being an active part of the

Alan Kulwicki story. 

I dedicate this section of the TRPR site to the memory of my friend and a true champion...not only of our sport, but of life itself.

At the Milwaukee airport, just after Alan's funeral, Dick Berggren approached me about doing a story on Alan for STOCK CAR RACING Magazine. He suggested that it might be good "therapy" during that trying time for us all. He was right. I keep a copy in my desk at the office and in my desk at home and it still is therapeutic in dealing with the tragedy...even today.

I invite you to read my story..."One More Call"...yourself.

To view the last media kit ever done on Alan Kulwicki, please feel free to click on this link: NASCAR 1993 - Alan Kulwicki

I served as spotter for Alan during the 1988 season and for his first career win. The Winston Cup Series' inaugural race at Phoenix International Raceway on Nov. 6 of that year will always be special. He had me to remind him to do his now-famous special victory lap when he won...and the crowd went nuts. Needless to say, we had a great time in Victory Lane after the big win.

Kulwicki and TR
Atlanta 1992 Championship Celebration
And, as big of thrill as the first win was...the championship celebration in 1992 was incredible. People who attended our post-banquet "blow-out" are still talking about what a great time that everyone had.

Alan Kulwicki Card

In celebration of his '92 championship, sponsor Hooters made a special "Alan Tribute Card" that we used at all of the autograph sessions during the beginning of the '93 season. It was Mark Brooks' special project in producing this card and we were all extremely proud of how it came out and how well it was received. Click here to view the special card: Kulwicki Championship Photo Card and THE Back

Alan...along with Mark, Dan & in peace, champs!


There are more photo's of Alan Kulwicki, Kulwicki Championship and TR located in the Personal Photo Gallery.